The Bells of Retribution

In 45 your wallet held the picture of that girl the one you kind of liked before you headed for that world
stationed in old England with that regiment of fools praying every night that you’d be coming home real soon
and now the picture of those boys hangs proudly on the wall the metals tucked away they never met that much at all
deep inside we all know how it made that soldier cry to think that after all those years you had to say goodbye

Now the bells of retribution are ringing out with rust the purple hearts of Flanders Fields care covered up with dust
he 11th hour the 11th day remind us why we're free
hurry with the silence dad you’re killing me
so what did you get for being a soldier boy
They made you a vet and now the world is grown much older boy
and you laugh at all the young men getting tough in the Legion halls you know that in your day
they would’ve served the call and do what you did

Soon you’d come across Dulce et Decorum Est to realize that other good men had been laid to rest
and it brought back painful memories of getting knocked out overboard alive today for the love of the Lord
seeing have to world and having lived a soldiers life you hit the open road and went searching for your wife
you traded in that uniform for a salesman‘s suit and tie you had all the questions but only God knew why

Now you sit on the back reflecting on those days you realize that man may never change his ways
your mother always told you history might come again so now you pray it stays away from family and friends
and the brass bands in the parades cry out wartime melodies with annual memorials up on local TV
the wheels of glory spin around new faces same old lies a few top guns serving up more propaganda pie

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