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A random collection of tall tales from my life as a touring musician. 


Mitch Podolak – Rest in Peace 

The world lost one of its premiere folk music ambassadors this weekend: Mitch Podolak.  Imagine Mt. Rushmore without Lincoln. This is a huge loss. Personally, I’ve lost a spiritual advisor, intellectual jouster, artistic curator, employment counselor, employer, breaded veal cutlet impresario and eventually – a friend. I’ve just put the finishing touches on my firstContinue reading "Mitch Podolak – Rest in Peace"

Chip Taylor // Hugh’s Room Live // March 7 (and WHY YOU NEED TO GO!) 

Hello friends, this is a concert you need to know about. Like the rest of the world, I grew up singing Wild Thing and hearing Angel of the Morning just about everywhere. (Thanks, Shaggy!) As a songwriter in the business I must confess to being only vaguely familiar with Chip Taylor (the writer behind so…


  We met in an open air market Fully aware of the price We did our waltzing on water Until one blade cracked through the ice Don’t try to save me I’m already saved Just save yourself and move on Walk into the wilderness Give the world it’s song That’s what she said to me,…

Table for One 

She brought me breakfast in bed and whispered “Do you like this?” I smiled and said “can we try dinner in bed too?” She laughed. She agreed that it felt excessive but was too much fun. Food, love and Netflix all from the confines of a big warm bed. Then the sound of rain came…

The Bridge to Rickles 

When I was a kid, my mother’s bridge club consisted of her sister Marie and cousins Liz and Claire. It was always a big deal when mom hosted because I would inevitably be able to sneak a few deviled eggs away from the proceedings. I learned a lot from watching these women play bridge. You…

I have tried in my way to be free 

It’s been a rough week. I am speechless on every level. Ironically, I heard that Leonard Cohen passed via text messages while working on a song for my next album. I have thoughtful friends. When we recorded a live record last year I added one cover song to the mix: Bird on a Wire. My […]