Passing Through (2011): CD
  • Passing Through (2011): CD

Passing Through (2011): CD

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"Here’s the latest from thoughtful Toronto singer songwriter Jay Aymar where he really expands the reach found on his previous disc”HALFWAY HOME”. He doesn’t waste any time getting down to business either. ”Seriously Delirious” is the albums opening declaration tackling the current music scene (“the kids don’t give a shit”) and his personal mission statement (“but a song is still a song when it kicks ya where it counts”). But Aymar really knocks one out of the park with “Could It Be”, not only essaying the changes a hard man goes through in the midst of love but giving a fantastic, unrestrained vocal performance that is possibly his best on record so far. On “Garbo And Hepburn” he uses the John Prine technique of using vintage movie stars to represent the withering decay of life itself. Check this out – you’ll be glad you did. Reviewer – Robert Lawson, Sunrise Records. 2011.

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