1. Monterey

From the recording Overtime (2013)


Another anytime night in nowhereville
The rink flood lights flooding the hill
The west end gang the Monterey crew
You cover him I’ll cover you

Old man Churchill fought the war
For his house up on this hill
Left his back inside the mill
Some nights you’d hear him say
I love Monterey

Shuffle those sticks assemble the lines
I’ll be Orr I’ll be Howe
The west end girls are here for the show
I’ll be Phil who’s Tony’o

Julie’s sister wasn’t right
So they locked her up inside
For showing in grade nine
Some nights you’d hear her say
I hate Monterey

Oli oli all come free
Open up your eyes and dream with me

My brother Tom woke me up at five
To tell me heroes never survive
You know I hate to see you cry
Late last night Lennon died

My cousin Frankie fought with fire
Janie fought for her life
Greg gave his away
Some night you’d hear them say
I love Monterey

Another anytime night in nowhereville