1. Us Wild Dogs



You’ve got this feeling in your bones
I'm not your only one and only
I’ve spread myself so thin
I’m cellophane wrapped in sin

You could sacrifice your soul
and satisfy your base desires
I’d rather walk with truth alone
than prostitute my home

For us wild dogs
home is all we’ve ever carried
we'll scratch and claw lick and paw
that home until our soul is buried

Then like the moon
that gets chased away by dawn
we feel the heat see the light of day
then we're gone

I put a call into your soul
but you left my ears just ringing
you hide those eyes of coal
behind your choirs of angels singing

I’ve scaled ladders to the saints
slid snakes down to the sinners
we've played this game before
I'm getting tired of playing with beginners

Open roads no fences
or ropes around my neck
to suffocate my senses
This running wild it’s made me wilder
I don't need you but I love you

Now I'm lying at your feet
begging for affection
the hidden heart you keep
beats on without detection

But I'm tired of lying down
playing dead and rolling over
tonight I’ll turn my tail
hit the trail
go play the rover